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Iphone 12 and Better Days?

Driving home from a Quest appointment this morning I worried about the blood and urine samples taken from me ordered by a doctor that I would only see twice who had not bothered to examine me during the appointment but instead tried to get me to buy bitcoin as he wrote out referrals for the wellness tests. I will never see him again because my insurance will expire in a few months as it always does every year, life of a PTI. I worry about the test results because age, no matter how well you take care of yourself, comes for you sooner or later. The sun was shining. It's a good day. I can do anything I want with today and I love my cat and my dogs who are healthy and happy.

I turned on NPR in time to hear one of the scientists, testifying at the summit, say that the great countries of the world were not doing nearly enough to combat climate change and that even if they stuck to the goals as set in the new agreement we are still doomed. He begged them to consider more aggressive actions now. Heard the leaders say in sum, "Welllllll, where's the money?"

This situation is one reason why I want to be a teacher at the university level and why I write.

Then to keep from dwelling in the land of looming apocalypse I realized that my new iPhone would arrive in a couple of weeks and anticipated how fun it would be to spend a few hours making it sound, look and behave exactly the way I wanted it to. Bright blue phone, bright orange case brand new ring tones!

The feeling of possible momentary satisfaction shoved away that other reality, tucked it into the back of a closet where there is camping gear I need to replace and photographs I keep but have not looked at in years and shoes and dresses I really need to throw away.

Climate change, shitty leaders, placid citizens...where's my new phone. I need my new phone.

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