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June 20, 2024

No Way Out: A movie about an airplane that crashes into the ocean and sinks atop a disintegrating precipice. There’s a hole in the bottom of the plane in the econo-seats. Water floods the plane at this level, but not the top tier where the rich people sit. Also, storage is accessible from this top floor. Somehow, an airlock keeps water from flooding too fast and traps oxygen in the dry parts of the plane. A shark is hunting in the first tier. It and a couple of others haunt the outside of the aircraft. They are there to eat the scuba diving rescue team that tries to help. They are too far below the surface to make it without oxygen IF hypothermia (or the sharks) don’t get them first. But they will survive.


I enjoyed every minute of this “jump the shark” extravaganza. But, it occurred to me that my ability to suspend so many levels of WTF is why I occasionally get scammed by people texting me to say they need a check or an Amazon gift card because they are trapped at Heathrow Airport.


Also, someone I know is experiencing a personal revelation. He wants to tell me how I should live my life now that he can see how big a dufus he is.


First of all, the rest of us have known you were off track for years, fella. Nice of you to join the party. SECOND, I’m giving you three chances to be an idiot before I tear you a new one.


This is Finn standing on the top of the couch. He does not like to be ignored.

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