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"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."
-Jack Kerouac



"Although I’m an associate professor, I struggle while editing my own work. After months of failed attempts to make substantive progress revising my own empirical manuscript, a friend suggested I contact Dr. Kim Idol.  Within a few days Dr. Idol returned my draft with substantive feedback in the form of questions as well as suggestions about ways to clarify my argument, evidence, and sentences while maintaining a consistent academic style. We repeated this process every few days for two weeks.  Afterwards, I submitted my manuscript with confidence to a journal.  For anyone who wants to improve their manuscript or more importantly want to improve their overall writing skills, I highly recommend hiring Dr. Kim Idol. Her hourly rate is reasonable. Collaborating with her was a joyful learning experience and I really look forward to sharing my next manuscript with her soon.

A more confident and happy associate professor."

Kim is a wonderful person to work with. She is very professional and knowlegable. She was of great help to me while I was proofreading and finalizing my dissertation. Thanks to her, my dissertation improved greatly in clarity, structure, and understandability. Thank you Kim...Shuyktika Chatterjee, Ph.D. (University of Nevada Las Vegas).

I am an author, traveler and blogger with years of experience in a wide range of writing genres (fiction, nonfiction, academic and technical writing).

I have coached all types of writers from students (of all ages) to professionals in a number of fields.

I understand the need to write well, but also in accordance with the standards of your intended audience so that you can effectively express yourself and engage your desired readership.


I know about the struggle to produce because I have personally experienced it and have helped others work through their writing roadblocks.

A Sample of projects (besides my fiction work) include but are not limited to the following:

Valuing Rocket Fuel Events and Perchlorate Cleanup in Henderson, Nevada: Evidence of a resilient housing market response (Helen R. Neill (School of Public Policy and Leadership Greenspun College of Urban Affairs University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Djeto Assane (Department of Economics Lee Business School University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


Architecting the Cloud: Enterprise Architecture Patterns & Cloud Computing (BBII Enterprises for FEAC)


Hand in Hand Across the Supposed Divide: Toni Morrison and Connections with Modern Muslim Feminist Authors


Contemplating the Void: How Narrative Overcomes Anonymity in Toni Morrison’s Sula: An analysis of Sula and her use of the classic etymological and narrative styles and tropes to recover the disenfranchised aspects of African-American cultural history


Addressing the Challengers Faced by Public Organizations: The Central Role of Agility (Shuktika Chatterjee Dissertation for Doctorate at UNLV)


Resilience Across Spectrums for the Engineering Workforce




Working one-on-one with a writing coach allows you to receive input that addresses your specific goals some of which are unclear until you talk to an expert who is vetted in your field. This can involve setting deadlines for yourself, defining the purpose of your project, and breaking project development into manageable steps.


Or maybe you have the first draft completed and need another eye.


Writing is a process. It takes constant assessment. Having someone else invest in helping the project progress who can help you hone your abilities as a writer and reviewer of your own work can be invaluable.


You need someone who will not only partner you through the process, but someone who won’t vanish in the middle of the job when you hit writer’s block, or need help with drafts or are unsure of the next step.


Although it is often a private and personal enterprise, good writing has a collaborative aspect. We all need someone else to work with if we want to produce the best results possible.

  • I can help you develop story structure, learn craft, and polish your prose.

  • I can ensure that you meet your intellectual and creative goals.

  • I offer accountability. We can set a schedule.

  • I can help you define small steps and larger goals.

  • I offer honest input on your work from a professional point of view.

  • I can help you to improve as a writer and help you develop your skills by offering advice while staying upbeat and positive.

  • And finally, I can help you generate ideas. I am the professional you can bounce ideas off.  


Contact me for new appointments.

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