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  • Kim Idol

Dystopia Blows

So the airlines want one less pilot at the helm because they can use autopilot to substitute for a human being. They have crunched the numbers. It is cheaper to have more potential dead passengers than trained pilots. I go to the supermarket and have to visit three to find one where people are cashiering because the guys at the helm have figured it is cheaper to take jobs and remove that personal interaction from my life by using computers. Technology was supposed to make life better for us. It was supposed to free us up to live more creatively and build community. Instead, it is being used to diminish the value of human life and encourage loneliness. It is becoming of the factors in an equation used to make life more dangerous for most of us while crazy people at the top continue to compare the quality of human lives with dollars.

I am a teacher. My job is to encourage men and women to think, question, be curious, be ethical, and believe in a system that should encourage community. I am supposed to bring optimism rather than darkness into a classroom. That is getting harder to do. (It doesn’t help that the guys at the top of my system insist that I work a full-time job but refuse to hire me as anything more than a part-time slogger.)

I am always two months away from being homeless and have worked full-time all my life. I have been intelligent, responsible, and followed the rules, but whatever is broken in modern society is celebrated rather than fixed. This blows.

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