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I almost forgot that I had this dream. I starting forgetting it the moment I woke. Even now I only see pieces. I am in a car in a parking structure with my dogs (Seamus and the girls). It’s a Thunderbird, one of those huge monsters. My tweeker grandmother (Crazy Irene) owned one so that’s where I got it. Then I am in the attached building, a series of concrete corridors. I lose hold of the dog the leashes and have to leave Seamus somewhere safe while I carry the other two dogs to the car and I am having trouble keeping track of the girls.

When I get back to the lot George Clooney and his wife (not that I have any idea who she is in real life) are in their car and they get involved in my plight. I have not seen, heard or thought of George or his wife in my waking life, but I guess that when you dream everyone you meet is a stock photo that you can pull out when you need to. I was watching a bad, bad British detective television series when I fell asleep last night and it ran all night. How that leads me to a parking structure and George and his wife and an aged Thunderbird I don’t know. The dogs, well, they always come up because most often my dreams are governed by concern for their continued well being. Anyway, I tell them that I need to go get Seamus and while they don’t exactly watch the girls, they mark the spot while I retrieve my other dog. After which the 3 humans cluster around the trunk in which there is nothing inside except for junk and I can’t remember specifically what.

Then I wake up and consciousness destroys my full memory of the dream except that I feel very uncomfortable. I can say that lately I dread all my daily moments and there’s nothing to be afraid of except for all the “out of the blue” shit I can’t control.

Part of my fears are founded on the realization of the monsters that rule this country and the way their ascension has brought all the cockroaches out of the darkness.

Who the hell stands up proudly and proclaims their desire to leave the hurt and helpless in the dust? What the fuck is wrong with these human beings? Whatever your political and/or religious affiliation is, what asshole maniac stands up and proudly says, “Anyone who is not me should be sick, scared and die?” This statement is coupled with “I need more money.”

And why not tear it all apart? I don’t mean take torches to it. I mean let’s consider all those outrageous ideas because the usual, the traditional ones are making things unlivable. So let’s consider socialism and stop motherfucking linking it to the Cold War interpretations because capitalism isn’t working out– for just about all of us. It was supposed to support happiness and morality not subvert it. If it’s not doing that, it needs to go.

Let’s decide there will be free school and universal health care for everyone, and that the rich need to be taxed out of existence, that the problem with immigration is that we need to streamline, not cap it, that the saving the environment and rescuing all the other species on the planet is the most important thing, more important than another hundred thousand houses in Summerlin that will just block out the view and cast more people into homelessness.

Let’s say tolerance of every range of sexuality (except for pedophiles and rapists because you motherfuckers all need to go) is not an arguable issue.

Let’s say it’s time to defend ourselves against globalization as it is being run now by people who have no sense of loyalty to humanity. It’s time to tell our bosses to get real and take care of us because we have been taking care of them with no recompense for too long now.

Let’s bring the English teachers and the scientists back into the front row and let them refresh us.

Let’s say that every single one of us shows up on election Tuesday and votes for the outrageous ideas (the positive ones, not the bullshit “I hate the guy standing next to me” ones). Let’s do it together. Let’s get started voting for outrageous because I suspect we are being lied to and that all that “We can’t realistically do that,” is bullshit. They can’t because they need more gold and what we need is not on their list. So let’s tear up their list. Pelosi, Biden, and friends get the fuck on the progressive train or go away– just for a start..

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