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In my last marriage, if I raised issues my husband and I needed to discuss, such as something wrong between us, or if I remarked on a bad thing my husband said or did, instead of having an honest discussion, he would insult me, bringing up incendiary personal issues that would set the debate on a raging and useless path. In this way, he never engaged in a discussion of issues we needed to address. Our problems, as a result, worsened, and the hurt he inflicted attached to the pile of horribleness he helped build and would not accept responsibility for.

I see this process at work in our government and at work in the rise of the new House Speaker and his crazy party. I know he bargained away the last of the protocols that would help stop the crazies bent on destroying society. I see he bargained decency away because he did not care what he had to concede to get more power.

And as a teacher, I am terrified of the list of ideas I will be told not to teach.

I am sick to my stomach.

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