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Kim Idol

Author & World Traveler

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I found myself drawn in and ended up really enjoying the book! The semi-stream-of-conciousness writing gave a good sense of the semi-crazy-ness of the situation. And, knowing something of Kim's live-in-person voice, I must say that her writing really echoes that sound. In short, this book helped me feel I was there... and how much insect repellent I will need when I go there myself!

Steven W.

I had so much fun reading this book! "How Did I Get Here?" is written with a bracing immediacy that makes it feel like you're there, tumbling through the days and places with a tenderhearted, anxiety-ridden friend who swears like a sailor. By turns mythic, personal, and historical, this book just completely lets you into the experience of THIS person on THIS journey, without shepherding you into a tidy, conclusive insight that is meant to illuminate the human condition -- days later, the "suchness" of it still feels refreshing.

Susan L.


I am a writer/instructor, writing coach currently working at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Partial to dogs, books, movies, good friends and laughter, I am also an avid rock-climber and trekker and have spent much of my life traveling. I prefer traveling rough. One backpack, one round trip ticket (in and out of the biggest airport in the area) and that's all I need. I have spent the last few years in the Middle East and in Asia. Nepal has been a particular place of interest for me and I have visited more than once as the geography, the wilderness and the indigenous culture both urban and rural continue to fascinate me. I adore the jungle, the wildlife, mountain trekking and the people. I love wilderness and the outdoors.

I teach English Literature and Composition at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I have taught technical writing to professionals and I began my long journey teaching and writing while working at Los Angeles Unified School District.


My stories and articles have been published in Popular Culture Review, Portland Review, online ToastedCheese, Dead Neon, Helen: A Literary Journal, an article about heroism in the Bhagavad Gita being published by W. W. Norton and Co. (Sing, Goddess) and another about Caleb Carr’s Alienist books being published in a Lab Lit collection.


My memoir How Did I Get Here about trekking Nepal and working in the elephant stables is now available on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble sites. I have also just published a collection of short stories, Script of a Bad Year, and a crime novel set in Los Angeles called The Sky Above. My latest work, out for query, is called Say You're Sorry,  about three sisters on a world tour to see the world and settle some old scores.

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